Importance of Regular Website Maintenance and Support

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Importance of Regular Website Maintenance and Support

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Regular website maintenance and support prolongs the life of your website and keeps the site performant and secure, continuing to drive return on the original website investment.

If this sounds like you, keep reading:

  • I don't need a new website, I need help maintaining the one I have 
  • My website is non-performant, prone to bugs and speed issues, providing a poor user experience and high bounce rates
  • We just launched our new website, but our vendor does not offer regular maintenance and support 
  • We do not have the internal resources to dedicate to our website 

August Ash has 22+ year of experience supporting 140+ clients websites from eCommerce to marketing sites, with things like: 

  • Security updates
  • Module updates
  • Core platform updates
  • Performance enhancement opportunities

Maintaining your website will help establish trust, rapport and credibility with your prospects. However a prospect enters the funnel, it’s highly likely they will visit your website. It’s important your online presence matches your in person presence. 

The “set it and forget” approach no longer works, and we’re here to help. August Ash offers a Peace of Mind plan that includes proactive security, module and core updates. In addition, we offer 24/7 website support with direct access to a team of experienced developers. If you’re in need of regular maintenance and support, reach out to a Strategic Account Manager now to determine the right plan for you. 

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