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Kowaslki's Market Kowaslki's Market
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Kowalski's and August Ash have had a partnership for over 10 years. Helping Kowalski's with minor website updates as well as helping with marketing efforts. But in 2017 Kowalski's knew it was time to do a full redesign. The site didn't properly reflect the brand.

An Updated Website

We did a full redesign and build of the site to update the look and feel based on the store experience. We updated all commerce functionality to be clean and intuitive and helped Kowalski's streamline content so that it was not content overload for users. Along with this came massive improvements on the catering/commerce functionality.

Kowalski's Homepage Kowalski's Homepage

The homepage brings in warmth through color and illustration. Dynamic content populates the homepage such as podcasts, recipes, and news.

Kowalski's recipes page Kowalski's recipes page

Tasteful recipes

Kowalski's shop page Kowalski's shop page

Catering page

Kowalskis Mobile preview Kowalskis Mobile preview
Kowalskis Mobile Kowalskis Mobile

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Kowalski's to make some changes. Kowalski's and the website support team knew they had to improve the online shopping experience to continue reaching customers. This included adding in-store pickup and shippable products, all while refining the purchasing process for ease of use.

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