Leaflet Missal

Leaflet Missal Leaflet Missal
Project Types
E-commerce Website UX & Visual Design Website Development
Specialty Retail
Development UI UX

The Challenge

• Balancing the need for a fresh, modern look while respecting the legacy brand image. 

• Understanding the legacy structures and systems in place and incorporating that into the solution. 

The Solution

We conducted persona review to identify who is using the site and how they are using it. With this in mind as well as other industry research we introduced a new fresh look of their current site and incorporated any feedback. Our team of Magento developers had an understanding of what is possible and how we can execute on different aspects of the visual design and development. 

Leaflet Leaflet

With an online marketplace it is important to switch out products and categories with different seasonal offerings or specials. This was a focus in design and development so the homepage can be merchandised easily and beautifully. 

Mobile Homepage Mobile Homepage
Product View Product View
Product filtering Product filtering
Primary Navigation Mobile Primary Navigation Mobile

We worked with Leaflet Missal on a seamless transition from desktop to mobile. Ensuring a good user experience on Magento on any screen size.

Revitalizing Leaflet's Legacy for the Digital Age

Leaflet, a brand with a heritage dating back to 1929, underwent a transformation to align with contemporary website aesthetics while preserving the essence of its longstanding legacy. Given the online retail nature, we prioritized simplicity and elegance in the website's design. Through subtle integration of design elements such as background treatments, text enhancements, and a carefully curated color palette, users are now able to experience and connect with the essence of Leaflet both on and off the site.

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