A Quarter Century of Digital Excellence: Celebrating 25 Years of August Ash

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A Quarter Century of Digital Excellence: Celebrating 25 Years of August Ash

As we celebrate a quarter-century of innovation, Erich Hanson, Founder & CEO , and the entire August Ash team are reflecting on a journey that's been nothing short of extraordinary.  From the internet's simple beginnings to the sophisticated digital world we're part of today, our adventure has been all about growing, learning, and, most importantly, ensuring our clients thrive every step of the way. 

The Spark of Inception

For Erich, August Ash didn't start with grand visions or elaborate plans; it sprang from a genuine fascination with new technologies and creative pursuits. Working as a mechanical designer in the medical device industry, starting a business wasn't initially on his radar. However, as the internet gained widespread adoption in the mid-1990s, the possibilities in web design and development became too compelling to ignore.

What started as a side hustle, building websites for friends and family, quickly escalated into a promising venture. Fueled by many late nights and weekends, the business flourished with referrals, and by the end of 2000 became substantial enough to pursue full-time.

Pioneering Through the Digital Frontier

From the outset, August Ash distinguished itself by prioritizing the actual business needs of its clients over the allure of the latest internet gimmicks and flashy web design trends. This focus on substance was a guiding principle, especially while navigating clients through the digital frontier's rapid evolution

Erich's vision of always looking toward the next technological horizon meant that August Ash was often the architect behind many client 'firsts' -  in the early days this included crafting their inaugural websites, registering their first domains, and even setting up their very first email accounts. As the digital landscape expanded, so did our role in our clients' digital journeys. 

August Ash introduced clients to e-commerce, guided them through the creation of their first Google accounts, and led their initial forays into the world of social media. Eventually, as the mobile internet wave surged, August Ash was at the forefront, developing their first mobile-responsive websites.

This has continued through countless waves of infrastructure improvements, disruptive technologies, and marketing innovations, and carries on today through topics such as AI, spatial computing, and blockchain developments. Behind the scenes, we are always making development improvements and more efficient ways to integrate different systems.

Overcoming Early Challenges

In the early stages, August Ash faced the challenges of managing rapid demand and growth. Initially juggling multiple roles, Erich found himself stretched thin as he navigated the complexities of his growing business. In 2001, August Ash hired its first employee, and by 2005 the team had grown to 6.

Quickly realizing that entrepreneurial acumen required more than just technical expertise, Erich joined his first executive peer group that same year.

“I discovered pretty early on that however smart I thought I was, I still had a lot to learn about running a business.” 

This is a decision he regards as one of the most pivotal in his professional journey. 

A Legacy of Milestones & Growth

Throughout its journey, August Ash has celebrated numerous milestones and periods of significant growth, a testament to its ability to evolve within an ever-changing industry. Even in phases where financial metrics or team size remained static, our skill set, strategic direction, and business savvy continued to advance, underscoring growth that transcends conventional measures. 

One of the most significant moments in this journey was the adoption of EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) in 2011. This transformation of August Ash’s operational framework not only enhanced our strategic focus but overall business efficiency.

To this day August Ash has helped engineer growth for over 1,000 organizations, a testament to our broad impact and the trust clients place in our expertise.

The Bedrock of Our Success: Our Culture

At the heart of August Ash's success is our culture—a blend of family-like camaraderie and professional excellence. This culture of belonging and mutual support has been critical in navigating the ups and downs of the industry, fostering a team that's not just skilled but deeply committed to our collective mission.

Looking Forward: A Vision for the Future

As we look to the future, our goals remain clear: to drive growth for our clients and ourselves, to continue as an industry thought leader, and to empower our team members to achieve their fullest potential. 

As we celebrate this 25-year milestone, we extend our deepest gratitude to our clients, our team, and everyone who's been a part of the August Ash story. Here's to the next 25 years of innovation, growth, and digital excellence.