Learn about our 4 pillars of growth approach
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UX & Visual Design

Web design is a collaborative process that begins with understanding your buyer persona. From there, we plan and design a website that will be intuitive for visitors and optimized for generating revenue.

Website Development

Our web development approach and process ensures that your website and underlying framework will be a platform that has the features, functionality, integrations, infrastructure, and capabilities required to drive growth while staying performant, secure, and extensible over time.

Digital Marketing Solutions

The value of digital marketing is its growth potential. The challenge, however, is understanding where that opportunity exists and the value it represents for your business. At August Ash, we partner with you as your Marketing Technologists.

Website Support & Maintenance

True support goes beyond design and development. Support for life after launch is a crucial piece of our process. Clients have access to our talented and knowledgeable support staff that provide ongoing feedback, suggestions, and optimizations to ensure your growth potential is not limited by an inefficient site.

“The team at August Ash works alongside you to bring ideas and insight to your digital marketing strategy. They are equally as excited about your success and the growth of your business as you are!”

We have a proven 7 step process


Gathering information is the first step of our process. Here, we have a kickoff meeting between your team and our team, which includes a buyer persona exercise.



Using the information we found, we then produce a content inventory of your current website, using data to decide which webpages to keep, remove, or combine.



The wireframe we create during the Plan step acts as a skeleton for the visual design that we develop at this time.



Our experienced team of developers build out all of the components at this stage, adding functionality to the visual design.



With every launch, there is a short period of testing and final tweaks, along with quality assurance completed by the client.



We refer to this step as “life after launch” because a website is a dynamic system that requires performance and security updates.



At this point, our digital marketing team creates a strategy with the purpose of driving traffic to your new site and ultimately generating new business for you.