IMPAX Sales Performance IMPAX Sales Performance
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Company overview

IMPAX Sales Performance is a leading global sales acceleration company. Their driving focus is to help value-oriented B2B sales organizations around the world achieve greater success by elevating the way in which they sell and manage customer relationships, differentiating from competition, and driving higher levels of customer partnership (and profit).

Market confusion & messaging

IMPAX has had an 8+ year partnership with August Ash. But over the years as IMPAX has grown they felt as if they had outgrown their audience and website. Additionally, with numerous companies appearing under the IMPAX name they felt as if customers and prospective customers would have a hard time finding them. So IMPAX requested our services to help build a better brand presence and help drive clarity to a new audience on the solutions they provide.

IMPAX homepage design IMPAX homepage design

IMPAX had outgrown their audience and were trying to be thoughtful around how to speak to a broader audience. We tailored messaging to address common challenges for customers that would lead to specific solutions.

A menu that drives clarity and traffic

We worked with IMPAX on organizing and presenting classes under SEO friendly program pages with an overarching training page.


IMPAX mega menu IMPAX mega menu
IMPAX training landing page IMPAX training landing page

Training program landing page

IMPAX course modal IMPAX course modal

Program class popup

"We wanted to present classes in a way that was easy for users to explore without having to bounce back and forth from page to page."