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Kowaslki's Market Kowaslki's Market
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We create the perfect "pear"

Kowalski's and August Ash have had a partnership for over 10 years. Helping Kowalski's with minor website updates as well as helping with marketing efforts. But in 20123 Kowalski's knew it was time to do a full redesign. The site didn't properly reflect the brand and there needed to be more of a shift towards catering.

Taking the next step

Our long standing partnership has really allowed us to grow alongside Kowalski's. Our quarterly business reviews and ongoing digital marketing efforts soon allowed us to identify easy areas of growth that initiated a new website build.

1. Help users more easily navigate their shopping options.

2.  Improve the ordering experience for catering.

3. Improve accessibility and provide proper schema markup for Kowalski recipes.

Simplifying commerce

Getting customers to where they need to go was a crucial part of the redesign. Kowalski's On The Go houses grocery orders and Kowalski's houses catering, meat orders, custom cakes and more. It was essential that we helped guide users to where they needed to go. Furthermore, most products on Kowalskis are only available as pickup or delivery. It was important for customers to identify how they wanted to receive their products before viewing the available options.

Kowalski's mobile mockups Kowalski's mobile mockups

Recipes built responsively

Not only does the design look visually stunning on all devices, it's built responsibly. We built recipes with the proper schema so that it's easier for users to find through Google.

Kowalski's tiles Kowalski's tiles
kowalski's landing page kowalski's landing page

Built with various components.