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The Challenge

MD Orthopaedics faced the challenge of creating an enhanced platform that would not only improve user experience but also provide an extensive range of resources tailored to the needs of parents and healthcare professionals. The goal was to establish their website as the go-to destination for valuable insights and inspiration, further strengthening their commitment to supporting parents and providers.

The Solution

To address the challenge, MD Orthopaedics partnered with the KICK and August Ash. All 3 partners collaborated closely with MD Orthopaedics to understand their vision, objectives, and target audience, enabling them to craft a tailored solution.

Enhanced User Experience

The website's layout has been completely revamped to ensure easy navigation and seamless user interaction. Intuitive menus and logical information architecture have been implemented, enabling visitors to locate desired content effortlessly. The new design places emphasis on user-centricity, making it a user-friendly platform for all.

Improved Search Functionality:

The search functionality has been significantly enhanced to provide accurate and relevant results. By implementing advanced search algorithms and optimizing the database, users can quickly find the information and products they need, saving time and effort.

Expanded Content Categories:

New content categories have been introduced to ensure comprehensive coverage of topics relevant to parents and healthcare providers. These categories cover a wide range of subjects, including clubfoot treatment options, testimonials from parents, success stories, and educational resources for healthcare professionals. The expanded categories cater to the diverse needs of users, providing valuable insights and support at every stage of the clubfoot treatment journey.

Results & Impact

The launch of the revamped MD Orthopaedics website has yielded significant positive outcomes, both for the organization and its target audience.


Increased Engagement:

The enhanced user experience, coupled with the availability of valuable resources, has resulted in increased user engagement. Visitors spend more time on the website, exploring the various sections, and accessing the extensive range of materials. This increased engagement is a testament to the website's ability to captivate and serve the needs of parents and healthcare providers.

Improved User Satisfaction:

Users have expressed satisfaction with the revamped website, praising its user-friendly design, improved search functionality, and the wealth of resources available. The positive feedback indicates that the website is meeting the needs of its target audience and becoming a trusted destination for valuable insights and inspiration.

Strengthened Brand Positioning:

The revamped website has further solidified MD Orthopaedics' position as a leading provider of clubfoot products and resources. By creating a comprehensive platform that supports parents and healthcare providers, MD Orthopaedics has demonstrated their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by clubfoot.

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