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It had been five years since the release of David Wheaton’s book, My Boy, Ben: A Story of Love, Loss and Grace (Tristan Publishing). The book had received quite a bit of promotion in the year or so after its launch, through radio, television, and print interviews, book signings, and speaking engagements, and was selling on Amazon and other online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar bookstores in the upper Midwest. 

And yet sales were hard-fought. But with reader feedback being so overwhelmingly positive, David wondered if there was a better path to get My Boy, Ben in front of more readers who could be impacted by the story. That’s when he turned to August Ash for an online digital marketing campaign.


Using our 4 pillars approach, we formulated a solution consisting of a custom designed, ecommerce website and digital ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Through an in-depth discovery process with David and our own marketing research, we identified potential target audiences and effective messaging to attract web traffic and drive it to the Shopify website where people can purchase the book and learn more about the story behind My Boy, Ben. The website and display ads were then leveraged to effectively re-launch the book. As a final touch, automated email sequences from the website help bring back visitors who have not completed their purchase.

My Boy Ben website My Boy Ben website

Since starting the digital marketing campaign for the last year, sales revenue has increased by 1,370%. The My Boy, Ben webstore has had over 32,000 visits. The website  was in the top 5% of new Shopify stores in the month that it launched. People who add the book to their cart on the website and then leave without completing their purchase receive an email which has a 21% success rate of driving people back to the site to purchase the book.

"We are very pleased with the expertise and execution that the August Ash team has brought to bear in the digital marketing campaign for My Boy, Ben. Equally important, they are a joy to work with. Highly recommended!"

An ongoing partnership

We’re happy to have been able to participate in helping bring David’s book to a wider audience as the story has touched many lives as evidenced by glowing audience feedback and reviews. David currently has no plans to slow down his marketing for My Boy, Ben and we look forward to seeing the book’s continued success.

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