Precision Gasket Company

Precision Gasket Company logo over an image Precision Gasket Company logo over an image
Project Types
UX & Visual Design Marketing Website
UI Development UX

Project Overview

PGC Solutions came to us as a long standing partner with a need to update their current platform of Drupal. Drawing on our established partnership, we were in a great position to provide value to their clients with purposeful design and an understanding of their target audience.

The Solution

Extensive research was conducted to understand the target audience's goals and how the PGC website could support them. Efforts were also dedicated to optimizing keywords and refining the content strategy, ensuring that potential customers could easily find relevant solutions on the site through organic search.

Brand strategy

As part of our discovery phase it was important for us to understand PGC’s key differentiators and how they wanted their brand to be perceived. There were three differentiators that immediately surfaced. First, customers turn to PGC because they know they can handle the most complex projects. Second, PGC frequently has to pivot for customers while staying within the confines. And lastly, PGC only provides premium materials for their customers. These were the anchors for moving into visual design.

pgc brand attributes pgc brand attributes
pgc homepage pgc homepage

PGC's visual language relies heavily on the color red. A color their brand has widley become recognized for. We implemented subtle gray border lines and a mono typeface found subtly throughout that inspires technical oriented characteristics.

mobile mockups pgc mobile mockups pgc