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RADIA, originally known as Red Devil Equipment Co., is a 100-year-old industry leader in industrial paint mixers, with a loyal base of established customers. But as the company evolved, it realized that it needed to rebrand and expand its digital presence to penetrate new markets, and even explore non-paint related industries. RADIA knew going down a new, innovative path would not be without its challenges. There was some confusion in the marketplace between the new RADIA brand and their older, more established Red Devil brand. As a niche market, RADIA was also concerned whether advertising and marketing companies could understand their business. RADIA knew they needed an experienced partner to develop a new website, generate search visibility, and penetrate new markets.

Our Chosen Process

Our collaborative process began with a buyer persona exercise to ensure key messages and value propositions spoke to the personas. This exercise was followed by research and analysis of RADIA’s market, competitors, content, current marketing channels, and technology stack. After the research and planning phases, the August Ash team went to work, designing and building an optimized website.


conversions on new website


conversion rate increase


increase in contact form submissions

Radia Homepage Radia Homepage

Through our discovery process we quickly learned that Red Devil’s customers viewed their mixers and shakers as the most reliable on the market. We knew the homepage for Radia needed to instill as much trust to a new customer as their machines did for their current. This became the base for our marketing efforts.

“Thanks to the August Ash team, we now have an updated website with better flow and a much clearer Digital Marketing presence. This has increased the traffic to our site and has not only opened us up to new markets, but we have also seen a significant increase in online Quote Requests. The results… a much higher quote closure rate. Great doing business with you guys.”

Dedicated landing pages for dedicated audiences

The two big audiences we identified for Radia were small hardware store owners who were seeking reliable paint mixers and lab managers that need to buy a machine for a specific purpose.

radia landing pages radia landing pages
Radia mixers and shakers page Radia mixers and shakers page

Product listing page that helps guide users to the best application

To give clarity around Radia’s product offering, especially those outside the paint industry, we worked with their team of engineers in creating highly detailed .gifs of each mixer type. We visually paired these and their descriptions with associated products.

A digital marketing strategy for growth.

Following a successful website launch, the next step was to grow Radia’s online channels and ultimately drive leads for industrial paint mixers and shakers. RADIA had struggled with generating online leads, but also wanted to tap into new macro and micro-markets to explore potential revenue streams. To tackle that challenge, August Ash developed a strategy that encompassed a variety of digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels, from Google Ads to Linkedin Ads.

The objective? Generate awareness and leads within RADIA’S current market, and tap into new markets across the United States. Digital marketing turned out to be a key driver for RADIA to expand into these new markets; RADIA is now regularly receiving qualified inquiries outside of the paint industry

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