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An updated visual identity and move to Drupal 9 An updated visual identity and move to Drupal 9
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The Challenge

R.E. Purvis, a reputable industrial seal provider and long-standing partner, sought to enhance their digital presence by upgrading their existing platform (Drupal 7) and refreshing their visual design. With a focus on preserving their established image of reliability and providing intricate solutions, the primary goal was to ensure that their target audience felt reassured that their commitment to quality remained unchanged. To achieve this, the project needed to strike a balance between catering to the technical information required by engineers and buyers, while also modernizing the brand and improving the user experience to align with current industry standards.

The Solution

Leveraging our 7-Step process, we conducted thorough competitor research, comprehensive site-mapping, and precise wire-framing, ensuring that users could easily access the information they needed. With our solidified wireframes, we elevated the brand visually and incorporated fresh design elements that reflected the client's values and mission. Our solutions-based approach allowed us to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrated complex technical information, catering to the needs of both engineers and buyers. The final result was a modern, visually stunning website that conveyed the client's commitment to innovation and reliability, while providing a seamless user experience that exceeded their audience's expectations.

Simplifying technical resources using design

Ensuring easy access to resources and product lists for engineers and buyers through scannable PDF tiles and product tiles.

Parker Products Landing Page Parker Products Landing Page

Showcasing services through video content

R.E. Purvis has been able to navigate through supply chain issues and still deliver reliable solutions to their customer. As a part of the strategy to further instill this trust to customers, the homepage video serves as a testament to the work they put in behind the scenes to get the job done.

Industries we serve Industries we serve

Given the diverse range of industries that industrial seal applications cover, it was crucial to ensure that every image used in the design process accurately conveyed the intended industry, while still remaining recognizable to the user. This approach ensured that visitors to the website could quickly and easily identify the products and services relevant to their needs, streamlining the user experience and helping to increase engagement with the site.

Team that made it happen

Cyle Carlson Cyle Carlson

Cyle Carlson

Senior Developer
Jeff Far Jeff Far

Jeff Farr

Jack Lotter Jack Lotter

Jack Lotter

Cassidy Steidle Cassidy Steidle

Cassidy Steidle

Project Manager

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