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Reell Precision Manufacturing is a global leader in designing and producing high-quality torque solutions for various industries. They came to us as a long time partner wanting an update on their current website build. Through conversations with their team we identified that they wanted to elevate their visual identity and site structure to allow for easier page creation and more structured content. 





• Design a website that sets the tone of a global company that produces quality solution

• Create a clear navigation and sitemap

• Showcase Reell's expertise through design, promotion of resources, and a focus on the user

Pulling out the details

Early on in discovery we identified that the people using the site are here to fix complex problems. Reell's product line all have different specs that are important to the application they are being used on, our goal was to pull these out and allow their target audience to find and browse these specs easier. 

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Resource Center Resource Center

We collaborated closely with Reell to develop an effective strategy for presenting their existing resources and future productions. Our solution? A user-friendly resource center where visitors can effortlessly explore Reell's product and market resources, categorized by various resource types for easy navigation.

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Mobile Menu Mockup Mobile Menu Mockup
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When looking at the amount of detail that some of the products have we wanted a way to display that without overwhelming a user with too much information. On a mobile device this can be tricky and we focused on a simple and clear navigation and detailed views that can be expanded to view more.

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