Sullair Distributor Sites

Sullair Distributor Sites Sullair Distributor Sites
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The Challenge

Sullair approached us in need of a solution that would cater to their local distributors and provide a platform to quickly launch professional, customizable websites with minimum downtime. Each distributor will need to cater to their target audience, consisting of local service personnel and engineers. The website will need the flexibility to be changed to accommodate different distributors logos, services, location, etc. 

The Solution

To address this challenge, we approached the project with a component-based design approach, allowing for maximum flexibility and options for customization and expansion of colors and branding for each individual website. The websites were all designed to be built on the Drupal platform and hosted on, providing a scalable, secure and cost-effective solution.

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Future-Proof Components

To create distinct distributor site identities without starting from scratch each time, we developed flexible components capable of supporting diverse functionality and customization. Our design enables administrators to modify core elements such as color, layout, texture, and more, ensuring a unique and personalized look for each site.

CPS homepage CPS homepage

An Emphasis on Local Search Visibility

To optimize search visibility, we conducted thorough keyword research on previous site rankings and developed a strategy to implement going forward. The success of these sites heavily relies on the ability of locals to search and find the website using common terms.

Additionally, we emphasized the importance of responding to emergency maintenance requests. This approach ensures that urgent issues are addressed quickly, an important service for their target audience.

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"Sullair required a hosting solution that could efficiently manage their main site and various distributor sites, which led us to With this solution, Sullair can have confidence to advance and expand their online presence and contribute to their business growth."

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