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Westwood is a leading AEC industry professional services provider for national wind energy, solar energy, electric transmission, private development, and public infrastructure projects. In 2021, Westwood placed #4 and #21 respectively on Zweig Group’s national Hot Firms’ and Best Firms to Work for Lists, and received two 2nd place awards for Zweig’s Marketing Excellence.

Our Partnership

We quickly discovered that people are genuinely Westwood's top asset and selling point, yet that differentiator was not adequately conveyed within their digital presence. Talent acquisition was incredibly important to the entire business model and accounts for a significant share of website traffic. Additionally, Westwood’s divisions and markets are very different from each other, each warranting distinct digital marketing strategies, messaging, and user journey’s.

A navigation to reflect the company divisions

We helped create a navigation that would properly reflect Westwood’s divisions and help digitally differentiate Westwood from its competitors. It’s simplicity of being tucked away allowed imagery to breathe and new fresh layouts to be introduced.

Westwood navigation Westwood navigation

Building blocks for the future

Using component based design, Westwoodps.com is built on a library of components that provide endlessly flexibility to mold and change pages for marketing efforts.

Westwood components Westwood components

Component based design

Westwood careers page Westwood careers page

Since talent acquisition was high on the list of priorities for Westwood and brought in a significant amount of traffic, we created an experience that was tailored to this audience.

Westwood service page Westwood service page

Service page

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