20 Years with Pete McWilliams, Senior Developer at August Ash

Pete McWilliams 20 Year AAI Anniversary Pete McWilliams 20 Year AAI Anniversary

20 Years with Pete McWilliams, Senior Developer at August Ash

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Twenty years ago, the internet was a different place. Smartphones weren’t in every pocket, and dial-up tones were still a familiar sound in many homes. Amidst this era of technological infancy, Pete McWilliams began his journey with August Ash, a journey that started with curiosity and a challenge.

Pete recalls the moment that set everything in motion: “I was moving a couch into my apartment when I got the call from August Ash. I literally balanced the couch on my shoulder as I took the call that would change my life.” With no prior professional experience in web development, Pete took a leap of faith into a field driven by rapid evolution and innovation. His self-taught skills and passion for problem-solving led him from building custom stair parts to building robust digital solutions.

Over the years, Pete has witnessed the incredible transformations in the industry. “Our mission to help businesses solve problems using web development and marketing has not changed,” Pete reflects. However, the tools, technologies, and tactics have continuously evolved. From the early days of simple websites to the current dynamic digital interactions facilitated by smartphones and advanced programming languages, August Ash has grown alongside these changes, always adapting and advancing.

One of Pete’s most significant contributions is his work with e-commerce integration. The excitement in his voice is palpable as he discusses his role: “I love helping organizations gain efficiency and automation. It’s rewarding to see tangible benefits in hours and dollars saved through the solutions we develop.”

This commitment to excellence and innovation was vividly demonstrated in the recent launch of a new website for Gertens. Dan Monfre, Director of Marketing at Gertens, praises Pete’s dedication: “Pete has taken us to another level in terms of capabilities and has been instrumental in overcoming every challenge we faced. His efforts were crucial for our website's launch this Spring. He’s truly gone above and beyond.”

Looking towards the future, Pete remains enthusiastic about the endless possibilities. “Today it might be AI; tomorrow, Blockchain. We’re always exploring what’s new,” he says. His curiosity and willingness to explore new technologies ensure that August Ash stays at the forefront of digital solutions.

Pete’s story is not just about technology. It’s about a man who found a career, a passion, and a family at August Ash. “Life is too short to dread your work,” he states. This philosophy has kept him at August Ash for two decades, during which he has not only contributed to the company’s success but also formed lasting relationships that extend beyond the office.

As we celebrate Pete McWilliams’ 20th anniversary with August Ash, we celebrate a visionary who embodies the spirit of innovation, commitment, and community. Pete’s journey reflects the core values of August Ash, and his impact resonates not just within our walls but across the businesses and lives he has touched.

Here’s to 20 years of excellence, and to many more to come. Pete, thank you for being an indispensable part of our past, present, and future!